Bupp England MA Reg. MBACP (Accred.)

What's Next

If counselling feels like it may be helpful for you, the first step would be to contact me for an assessment session. This initial session lasting the usual 50 minutes, will give us a chance to meet, and to talk about what is troubling you and what you hope to gain from coming to counselling.

Following this session, if you decide to continue with counselling, the suggestion is that we meet at the same time once a week. After six sessions, there is a review and a discussion regarding whether you feel the therapy has helped enough or perhaps you may like to continue.
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Counselling Fees

Initial assessment charge is the same as a normal session:
£45.00 for counselling students
£60.00 for adults
£75.00 for couples
Six sessions paid in advance have a 10% discount.

Mindfulness Fees

Cost: £20 per session or £140 for the complete 8 week course. Please enquire re dates for the next course by email or go to the facebook page: mindfulnessinbalham

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